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Learning to Say, “No.”

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed because you overcommit? A recovering “People Pleaser,” I know the harm and unrest that can come with saying “yes” too often. Learn to recognize your resistance to saying “no.” Get examples of strategies you can begin to implement immediately to get better results in your life. This talk will present tips and tricks for re-training your mind to only accept invitations that will propel you forward in life.


Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing needs to have an all-encompassing strategy which includes focused creative content. Unique digital ads can be created to attract the attention of your target audience and direct them to a website landing page. A way to capture email addresses for future marketing purposes is also needed. Create additional value for your potential clients by creating infographic sheets, videos, a podcast, blog posts, and eBooks. Learn how to implement a consistent social media strategy for delivering quality products and services to your ideal client.


Mr. Potato Head Branding

For most people, branding is like playing with an incomplete Mr. Potatohead. You’ve got to have all of the branding pieces in all the correct places if you want your marketing and advertising dollars to be successful. Learn important elements of building a successful brand online such as social media strategy, a website, press releases, search engine optimization, and your overall brand message.


Transformative Chaos: How To Win When You Set Yourself Up To Lose

Life can be a struggle, and it can be chaotic. We have wins and we have losses. Sometimes when we’re winning, we sabotage ourselves; we make things worse by making things extra hard so we feel like we’ve earned it. We set ourselves up to lose, and this adds even more chaos to our lives. But chaos isn’t meant to be managed, it’s meant to be dealt with. When going on a diet, instead of just renouncing all sweets, just limit yourself to one piece of hard candy per day. In this session, you’ll learn strategies for dealing with the chaos by breaking it into micro-manageable bits—bite-sized bits you can deal with. You don’t need to eliminate the chaos, just convert it into something you can handle.


Unleashing Your Creativity

For innovation to flourish, organizations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together— exchanging knowledge, ideas and shaping the direction of the future. Creativity is a skill you can develop with practice and a process you can manage.
In this creativity workshop, you will:
  • Understand the dynamics of creative work, the most common pitfalls, and how they affect teams
  • Learn to identify and eliminate the things that stop creativity
  • Discover specific, everyday practices that lead to long-term effectiveness
  • Understand the pillars of effective collaboration and creative leadership
  • Develop the mindset, skillsets, and toolsets of highly creative people in business, arts and science.
  • Discover your natural capacity for creativity through a range of hands-on activities that will appeal to both sides of your brain
  • Explore some of the thinking strategies of innovators in business, art and science, and how you can apply these strategies to your everyday work
  • Experiment with ideation tools that supersede traditional brainstorming in a fun, inspiring action-filled environment
  • Find the business case to bring creativity into your organization


Fearing the Robot Overlords

We fear robot overlords as we do vampires, werewolves, and other baddies that go bump in the night. We worry that their intelligence will take our jobs, our livelihood, our freedom, and enslave us to their bidding; or at least that’s how it happens in the movies. Popular culture capitalizes on this emotion to sell Terminator tickets and Asimov novels, but this is not our future. We can celebrate Artificial Intelligence as our greatest accomplishment, and harness it for the tool that it really is. This talk addresses our relationship with computers as tools and how we should allow computers to do the work, so people can do the innovating. Our horizon awaits.


Bring Your Strength!

What would it look like if men began to actively and intentionally seek out leadership from strong women leaders?
After 4 years of growing FierceWomenProject, J.G. Boccella has witnessed a shift in men’s engagement, and offers a new paradigm that invites men to be powerful allies to women leaders by co-creating low-cost, low-time, high-impact solutions.

With a background in Arts in Education, J.G. shares a concise and effective framework where we can leverage our creativity to think laterally about challenges and opportunities present in our workplaces. Using these strategies, we can make quantum leaps in how leadership is experienced by both women and men in all industries.

Together, Christina Aldan & J.G. Boccella articulate a bold vision of leadership — one that empowers both women and men.


5 Tips for Cultivating EQ in the Workplace

Learning to manage our state of mind in the workplace is an acquired skill. While stress in the workplace in unavoidable, it is possible to cultivate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to manage our state of mind. Practicing EQ helps us identify and eliminate stressors in our lives. Awareness of self and awareness of others strengthens personal and professional relationships. When we understand the motivations of ourselves and the perspectives of others we form deeper connections. In this presentation, learn five tips for cultivating Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.


User Experience at Every Level of Business

User Experience is included at every level of business. This can be seen in the culture of a company. Through the content, products and services that the employees create, the company engages with its consumers. User experience is integrated into every touchpoint of a company’s infrastructure when people engage with a brand. Learn why it’s important to have a Generalist on the team to oversee the User Experience for a company at every level of its processes, including: hiring, design, development, advertising, and marketing.


The 4 Deadly Sins of Mentorship

Mentorship is important to build into your organization. In order to maintain a cohesive culture of your organization, you must pass on a legacy. Mentorship allows you to impart values, creates a cohesive culture and shares experiential wisdom. Creating a caring, diverse, supportive environment allows your team to build the skills and attitudes they need for success. In this presentation, you will learn the Four Deadly Sins of Mentorship that will make or break your organization.

Mentorship can come from people in the same industry, people of varying ages and through various communication methods (in-person, email, video conferencing, etc.). Mentorship experiences can happen once or multiple times throughout the year. Mentorship is more about guiding others through challenging experiences that you’ve already experienced than it is about telling someone what to do.


Transform Your Life, Transform Your Team! 8 Actions To Lead By Example

Leadership is a transformational journey for both the leader and for those being led. Most great leaders are go-getters, but to be an exceptional leader, you must understand that the ecology of leadership includes: diversity, mentorship, personal development, open communication, team building, skills sharing and professional development. Leaders can learn to incorporate these suggestions into their professional and personal lives to get better results from the people around them. In this presentation we will cover 8 leadership actions you can start practicing now to create a diverse, supportive environment to get better results from your team.


Empathy Is Your Secret Weapon

It can be argued that trauma is defined by perception. As different as we all look, sound and act, so to are we different in how we process our life experiences, even the most dramatic. The things that have happened to you are likely to have the strongest influence on your current and future behavior but the way you process those experiences can be altered. Empathy is your greatest ally in life and in business. It is also a muscle that needs to be exercised in order to evolve.


5 Steps to Having a Difficult Conversation

The words “Diversity and Inclusion” often provoke animosity and disparity in the workplace. Phrases and labels that are meant to be positive and describe people and workplace issues often have the opposite affect and instead produce division and isolation. But how do we resolve disparity in the workplace and have productive conversations? How do we correct our approach and stop alienating each other? We seek open and productive dialog involving often competing viewpoints, yet sensitive topics are met with kid gloves when they require compassion and balance. We must replace the apathy of tolerance with the empathy of understanding. We need to learn how to navigate difficult conversations, avoid their divisive triggers, and restore collaboration and unity. Attend this session to better understand the multi-facets of highly effective communication. Learn the 5 steps to having a difficult conversation and how these conversations can help you manage and work within diverse teams. We will also discuss how to incorporate unity, collaboration, and mentorship into your work.

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