83 – Luckygirl: A Bite-Sized Podcast | Sonia Petkewich

83 – Luckygirl: A Bite-Sized Podcast | Sonia Petkewich

February 13, 2018
83 – Luckygirl: A Bite-Sized Podcast | Sonia Petkewich
Sonia Petkewich’s father taught her early on to “leave things better than you found them,” and also that there is value to having an impact on the community. At a young age she was very independent, so she knew she didn’t want to be working in the system, as another cog in the wheel. She didn’t let a lack of a college degree hold her back. Mentorship and sponsorship were powerful tools she used to propel her forward. Sonia reminds us that knowing the difference between a mentor and a sponsor can help you get ahead in your career. Having someone to stand behind you to “co-sign” for you on the project is useful, so find a sponsor who can help support you on projects. Still using the spray and pray method for job hunting?  If you are looking for job placement within the Information Technology community, then Taurean Consulting Group can help prepare and coach you to find the right position for your goals. Sending out the same resume to multiple job openings and praying that someone will hire you is not a good tactic. Also, recruiters shouldn’t charge the candidates. Taurean Consulting does not charge candidates when they apply for work. Learn more at: http://www.taureanconsulting.net/
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Christina Aldan is the CEO/founder of LG Designs (lgdesigns.co) and a digital media marketer who travels the world speaking to tech industry folks, entrepreneurs and female business owners.

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