59 – Della Rucker of Econogy

59 – Della Rucker of Econogy

August 22, 2017
59 – Della Rucker of Econogy
From urban planning and economic development to entrepreneurship, Della Rucker shares her journey in building sustainable ecosystems. Ideas are great, but implementation is key for communities to thrive. Tune in today as we hear from consultant, writer, speaker, publisher, Della Rucker.
Della talks about working with millennials and the ability to work with people who are different from you while also getting to work with people across a whole spectrum of disciplines, backgrounds, organizations, industries, and manufacturing.
Her company website is http://www.econogy.co/
The Econogy System
Unlocking the potential of young people, community members who get overlooked. Give them the best possible opportunities to do good work with businesses of all sizes.
Change the rules of operation for small businesses and give them access to talent, brain-power, and resources.
Experiential Learning creates:
  • People learn better
  • Are more effective
  • Have more agency when they learn how to get real-world experience

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